We are proud of the organisation of our nursery. It has continually evolved since it’s inception in 1987 and is constantly reviewed to ensure it continues to provide the highest quality of service to children and parents.

The material is designed for children to start at the age of 2–2½ years old. It is not necessary for children to attend other types of pre-school establishment as well as Montessori School. We provide everything that 2-5 year old children need to develop in mind, body and spirit. The entire programme of learning is purposefully structured (although the children are not aware of this background structure, they just know they enjoy everything they choose to do). Optimum benefits will be achieved by a child who is here for a minimum of 2 years for at least three sessions per week in the appropriate age brackets (see above).

We provide a happy, healthy and educational environment where children are loved and nurtured and can feel safe and secure during their parents’ absence.

The Montessori curriculum fully covers, and in most areas exceeds, the Government’s Early Learning Goals in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Language and Literacy

Expressive Arts and Design

Practical Life


Physical Development


Cultural (Science)

Cultural (Nature)