Children's Garden


Children's Garden

Children’s Garden
 The Children have free access to the garden; they grow flowers and vegetables and care for it in a   variety of ways. The vegetables and herbs are harvested and prepared by the children for their school   meals. The area has a Wendy House with role play equipment and also storage for a wide range of   equipment designed to develop the children’s physical skills. Our garden shed houses full gardening   tools and materials for the exclusive use of the children.

The Octagon

The Octagon is an outside classroom which provides shelter from the vagaries of our climate whenever needed and is a versatile resource for   observing  nature and many other specific activities throughout the year.

Wildlife Garden

Insect Hotel

Wildlife Garden

The Outside Environment
The outside environment has been designed in line with the concept of ‘The 7C’s’.

The 7C’s stand for:

  • Character – atmosphere or feel of the space which is influenced by the other 6C’s
  • Context
  • Connectivity
  • Clarity
  • Challenge
  • Chance
  • Change

The environment really encourages spontaneous activities to evolve and is a true childrens’s society at work.

 Book corner, art and craft, nature and rest room. These activities are sited here to make full use of the   natural light in this room.

 Pink Room
 Classroom Practical Life activities, construction equipment.

 Yellow Room
 Classroom sensorial equipment, maths equipment, language equipment and cultural material,   embodying history, geography, nature, time and science, computer, television, DVD, CD, video, radio.

 Main Hallway
 Teaching resources, photocopier, foyer information area for parents, children's coat hooks and additional activity area for children's floor activities.

Three toilets and three wash basins. Storage cupboard, including first aid box and manuals and children's spare clothes.


Approved and spot checked by Environmental Health Officers, for providing hot school meals and snacks for children